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How does it work?

We offer different purchase plans for our beef, which range from purchasing a sampler box or individual cuts of meat, to purchasing an entire cow. Our goal is to make the purchasing and consumption process as simple as possible, so each portion of your purchase includes the fee to have it butchered. All you have to do is order and pick it up from our farm! We do require a  deposit at the time of online reservation, with the remaining balance being due at the time of pickup. 

Don't know what you want to purchase? Starting this summer, we will be opening The Grainery, located on our farm, which will have a selection of our individually packaged local beef. This is also a great opportunity to look at the farm where your fresh beef is being raised. Hours for The Grainery, will be posted soon! 

Our cows spend their days grazing the on the farm. In order to guarantee that the ground has time to recover and to provide our cows with an ample amount of grass, our cows rotate fields every few days. During winter months, we feed our cattle hay that is provided from a neighboring farm, but they are never fed grain. 


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