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McCown Farm is located in Rockbridge Baths, VA and has been in the family for hundreds of years. The farm serves as a reminder of the important role that agriculture plays within our community and the pride that each farmer has in their role of taking care of the land and the animals. As a small operation, we have the opportunity to work together on a daily basis and value our time together. Our cattle are grass fed and finished and enjoy their constant pasture rotations. 

"Farming is a never ending job. The animals always come first. There are times when I'm cooking supper and need to stop midway through, so that I can help to deliver a calf."

                                                                          -Morgan McCown

"We have great cows that provide high quality grass fed beef. I'm glad to be taking this step, to provide this beef option to other people in our community. It's important to support local farmers."

                                                                          -Jim McCown     

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